Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bookstore Tuesday

Had a re-charge of the old batteries again today. I always come home feeling better than when I left after Lani and I meet at the bookstore for our weekly catch-up. We talk about all things spiritual and otherwise. Glad to have someone who understands and finds joy in all the things that are discussed. That's Ellanni and my daughter Crystal. Really joyful...thanks Lani...

Had a chocolate chip scone and mocha latte at the bookstore...bad girl...delicious.

Another hot one today. Hot and yet it was steamy. I could almost swear we were located right beside the beach! You can almost hear the waves. We're several hundred miles away from the Gulf of Mexico, but it just feels like we're close.

I was reading a blog that talked about their blogs being "hijacked." Anybody out there ever have that happen? The blogger said the hijackers wait a few months till the blog creates enough traffic then hijacks it and starts putting ads on them. Scary! The blogger said she now has a site that's copy protected for a few dollars a month. Let me know what you think. Is that why I see so many people with two or more blogs? Well guess I'll turn it in. Have a great night and a better Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

I've never been 'highjacked' probably 'cause I don't have much traffic. :)

Yum - choc. chip scone, never had one but sounds good!

RobC said...

Hi Donna... Thanks for the good wishes by the way. I say keep a low profile when blogging. The only hijacking I ever had was on the comments when blogger was "younger", I installed Haloscan as my blog comments but since then blogger comments has been vastly improved, enable word verification and/or comment moderation as you have and you should never get comment spam.
Hijacking of the whole blog is another matter, I think people's blogs got hijacked if they got deactivated for some reason or another or moved to another publishing platform. Never deactivate your blog even if it means posting a single word once a month just to keep the account alive.
I hope that was understandable... my meds make me ramble on a bit at present.
As to why I have more than one blog? I have other blogs that are more subject related that's why... but mostly I blog on my usual space on the net...

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Ooh isn't blog hijacking a scary thought! I had no idea how they did it, we'd better keep our blogs active!!
Have a lovely weekend!