Saturday, August 4, 2007

Peaceful Saturday

Sorry about skipping Friday. It had just been a long week and I quite sat down and didn't get back up...Today though, we met a very nice lady who happens to be the Mom of my daughter's...friend. Seemed really sweet. Could get to like her. Oh well, that's another story.

I've been researching and trying to catch up on things in the world of writing...Wow, have things changed in the time since I first began on that road. Seems I've got a lot to catch up on even before I put quill to paper. Hope there's other newbies out there who know what I'm talking about. I've gone to a lot of the websites of writers to get a grip on the world it self and was I in for a shock...culture shock that is. I believe some of those houses will have to do without me. Oh well plugging on...Contacted an old friend today. One of those things where she calls you, you email her and you never seem to connect. 75% was my fault. Emails and I don't get along. I had the wrong address typed in contacts and blissfully thought she was getting everything I was, Sorry again Lani!!!!!

Well I've got to get back to that research I was telling you about...have a wonderful night.

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