Monday, August 27, 2007

Can you imagine?

I couldn't imagine being the poor guy trying to defuse a bomb with all that going on behind him! Click on the picture and it'll expand. Not much else going on today except school starting for the kiddos. They enjoyed their first day and seem to like their teachers. This is a good beginning. Feel free to copy the photo to your pictures. It was emailed to me.

We have the makings of rain this evening. Just hope it gives us a good shower. Things are really starting to dry out around here. Would be nice to get some cool breezes. Horrible thing that happened to Owen Wilson. Really hope he can pull out of this one. Money and fame isn't all it's cracked up to be...Y'all have a good evening and a better tomorrow.

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RobC said...

It does help if you know what your Rock is, having a relationship is something I can relate to but even in my darkest hour I knew who held my hand.