Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You've Got Six Months!

SAY WHAT??? That's Right! Six whole months..To do what, you ask. To make Sure you have the Funds to finance Christmas!! As of today, the 24th of June, it's exactly six months until Christmas. Plum puddings, candy canes, reindeer and Santa. Sugar plums dancing...Ready or Not! Last year I suggested a separate bank account to begin adding a small amount to each week. I already had one from previous years, and have been adding to it bi-weekly. With gas and other prices starting to soar, you really want to make sure you have enough cash Without having to resort to Charging Christmas! Talk about Pressure!!! That's not Christmas joy...that's emotional blackmail thrown at us by the media. I cannot, in good conscious, give a gift to one of my babies that I had to charge on a credit card. We can all find $10.00 a week to put aside. It's there. Look around. Think about all the extra junk we spend our money on...have a garage sale...sell the stuff you've cleaned out of the attic and never use. There's money just laying around. Make it work For you. When I hand that special gift to someone I love, I hand it to them Knowing I don't owe someone else for it. Now That's a joyous feeling. So stop, look around and ask yourself if you'll be ready. A little planning now will add up to Lots of fun later. If you're like me, my tree went Kaput last year and I need a new one. Lay-a-way. By the time I need it, it'll be paid for. So...Happy bling counting today!LOL....and hopefully, it'll be a Merry Christmas!!