Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Kind of "Hunting"

While Hubby is out doing his thing with geocaching, I've been out doing Mine!Hahaaa...It's time to do some sprucing up in the guest bedroom. We haven't changed a thing in there since before the grandkids were born...hummm...17 years?!! This is the new set I bought... Hubby is also a woodworker and he'd made the bed that is in there now. Since "Dad" made it, Crystal wanted it and the old dresser so I'm having the movers get it all and carry over to her place. Right now though, I'm busy clearing out the drawers and bookshelves...Gheeez! The "things" I've found...AND chucked! Got half the job done yesterday and hopefully will finish this afternoon. The whole room is going so I can do the touch up repairs and painting (if only I can decide on what color to use!!). I'll do a before and after with photos.

Well, until then, guess I'll get busy and get some coffee. Waking up at 3am on a work day makes for a LONG day!...Y'all have a good one!