Tuesday, May 20, 2014

More of The Graduate...

Does she dance to her own drummer??  You Bet she does...Hahaaa....She had to "bling" her cap out a bit...too drab.  The red thing is a big S (for Samantha).  I apologize for the picture's quality.  I didn't bring the big Canon...just my little Canon Powershot.  I do NOT like fluorescent lighting but it seems to be everywhere these days.  Whatever happened to windows?
She has been apprenticing in a shop that everyone pretty well just loves.  She also works for Beauty Brands and has been offered an apprenticeship there as well.  Hopefully, she can drop the second job at Texas Roadhouse Restaurant and go full time at BB.  We're just proud of her for all her hard work and accomplishments.
I've been plagued with computer problems here at work...two weeks worth of insanity!  Once you get a new product, within weeks, it's outdated and causing trouble.  Carbonite is corrupt only on MY computer...sigh...It has taken all this time and almost 600 dollars to figure it out.   It's been a rollercoaster around here. 
I know it seems like I'm slowing down with my blogging...but things just don't seem to want to settle down around here.  I'll be around to visit with you!  I've been so Bad!  Sorry.....I'll try to get my....stuff together!  See you in a bit!