Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just Pitiful...

Good Sunday morning! Geez, What a Week! What a Month it's been...We've had what I think is the flu...sinus infections...snow and ice...general headaches of trying to get a grasp on this new year. Maybe all this bad luck was brought upon me because I didn't eat blackeyed peas at just the Right time...Hahaaa....I have no clue! Just glad things are beginning to settle back into a decent routine! I've been a horrible bloggy buddy! Every time I'd try to settle in to do some blog reading, something ELSE would happen. I also updated the Brenda Photo Challenge...a week late on That as well! Sorry! I'm just PITIFUL!Lolol
I seriously hope you all have had Much Better days than I have...and I promise to play catch-up today on reading Your blogs! Have a Wonderful Sunday!!