Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all!!

Morning everyone!'s finally here...Fall.  I love the cooler temps but when the thermometer starts to slide into the Colder temps, you lose me!  NOT a fan of icy cold weather!  
We've just been resting since we got back from our trip...little laundry, letting Hubby cook... :o)...and playing catch up on the blogs.  Hope you all are having a super Sunday!  Guess I'll go locate my "Fall"  Oh, and did you realize CHRISTMAS is only 94 days away?Hahahaa...
Halloween, Thanksgiving then, I'm already tired!  Hopefully this year (I say this EVERY year) I'll be ahead of the game!  Who's with me??  Yeah, yeah...I hear all that moaning and groaning out there...Oh well...Get Busy!  It's all coming our way!
Happy Sunday!