Thursday, August 14, 2008

No Reading Tonight......LOL

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We had a good time last night! I picked William up at the daycare then we went to the barber shop for a haircut. While in there, the barber said he wanted me to look in a box!! What?? He said "she" wanted to go home with us!...LOL...It was a puppy. Sorry, didn't get a picture, darn! It was a cross between a poodle and a Chihuahua. It Was really cute, but no thanks. Corky's 17 years old and declining. I just couldn't do it. Will asked Crystal though...Hahahaha...Don't think that puppy is gonna get to go home with William either! After we got home, I fed him and he played Guitar Hero, watched TV and wrestled with me and Gampa....Crystal and "T" took Samantha to a concert...Don't Even ask me the name of the group....clueless!lolol....William stayed with Gamma and Gampa...
This is some monster from an old cartoon series...Will knows his name...Gamma doesn't!..LOL
Corky had the right idea though! He just slept through it all! Smart old dog...
I can see already, I won't be able to get back into my book...Acheron. I tried to discuss this with Crystal, but she just screamed and covered her ears, singing...LALALALALA.....!!!LOLOL.....GEEZ!! Later, she said she'd been waiting a Year for it to come out and I was just about to spoil it for her!! OOPS!!!......So, hope your evening was a Happy and Blessed one!!