Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Version of Mothers and Daughters

She had a date? Nah, not my daughter....Wouldn't think of it. Was it a date? Nah, wasn't a date either. What was it? What? A "Get-ta-gether." Oh. Barbecue brisket, fire ring in the yard, lawn chairs, folks, family, etc. OK..."Did y'all get a chance to visit?" I ask. "Yes....", giving me "the stare." Hummmmm...........ok......I can tell this is going to be like prying open a sardine can with my teeth. "Did 'ja have fun?" "Yes."...........Need I say more? You mothers out there with 34yr old daughters know what I mean. So now it's the eternal "wait and see" thing. She's been divorced for four years now(was married for ten yrs until the _____told her on her birthday that he was in love with his best friends wife...). I think she's had two dates in all that time. No problem. Her life is her children. She's picky now a days...very. Absolutely no problem. With two children, she'd better be. The next man in her life better love and cherish both her and the babies! She deserves it. The kids deserve it. Lots of laughter, hugs and love.
We're proud of our daughter. She's a hard worker, great mom and a wonderful person. We've always believed in her. Now, by dingies, she believes in herself. Demand more, get more.
Y'all have a wonderful evening and a better tomorrow.
Useless info: King Louis XIV of France took only three baths during his seventy-seven-year lifetime: one when he was baptized; one at the insistence of one of his mistresses; and the last when a doctor lanced a boil on his bottom and ordered him to soak it in a tub of hot water.
(The Ultimate Book of Useless Info by Noel Botham & The Useless Info Society)