Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Nat'l Fried Chicken Day!!

If you KNOW me, Know this is my BESTEST most FAB-A-LOUS meal to make...Ever! Yes folks, it's National Fried Chicken Day here in America! I kid you Not! Go Here. This photo is from another time that I fried up some of the tasty bird...Nothing better than fried chicken, gravy and mashed potatoes...maybe some corn on the cob for another side dish...Sweetened Iced tea with a big wedge of lemon...Nothin' Better folks! Try it this weekend!
This is Buttermilk fried chicken...need the recipe, go Here.
Well, It's been a weird week, and fast! Two more days off coming up at least! That's always nice. Hubby and I haven't planned anything special so I guess it'll be another "Surprise Me" kind of weekend. Hope you all have a safe and peaceful one...Or rowdy, whatever. I just learned that a friend of mine went skydiving on the 4th of July holiday....Jumped at 10 thousand feet...I think I'll just stick to frying chicken!Hahaaa.....