Friday, March 6, 2015

Feeling? Suspicious!!

Well, we did it...Libby got "fixed".  I HATED it, I think as much as she probably did.  A total betrayal.  For, at least, 36 hours afterward, she didn't want me around much; giving me this "Why" look!  I seriously do not remember any of our male babies giving us "the look"...guess the male species is just like memories...of anything...much...WHAT???Hahaaa...I mean of the canine persuasion of course!  It killed my soul to see her look at me this way...sigh.
Speaking of cold...It has been cold here.  A mixture of snowy ice.  Awful stuff.  Southerners do NOT drive well on it.  If you have front wheel drive you tend to do better and if you have four wheel drive...Lordy how I miss my jeep!  Loved the four wheel drive it had.  But, I made it to work while passing up vehicles that were not so lucky.  Thank You Jesus!  Why do people drive so darn fast?
SO...that's been my week so far.  Suppose to start warming back up this weekend which I am SO ready.  I know you "Snow" people are probably thinking, "What a WEENEY"!!!!!  Hahaaa....and you'd probably be right but...when you don't see much freezing weather you tend to freak out when you do.
Onward and Upward!  Coming for visits right after I refill my coffee...Fifteen more days till Spring!
OH!  Don't forget to set your clocks FORWARD one hour this Saturday night in the USA!