Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Red Update and Still Studying QuickBooks

Don't know if anyone remembers Red? Well, I'm happy to announce that he's doing Much better! See how much weight he has gained? Almost a Whopping 100 pounds! Terrific! My sister, Ruth Ann, has really worked to get him back to where he started out before he had been abused. The Vets told her to put him down...she said, No way. SO very glad she didn't. He's a sweetheart and he loves a little beer with his oats and hay...hahahaaaa.....
We're still knee deep into QuickBooks...training...Accounting is accounting...That doesn't ever change. It's Where you put stuff that you have to figure out! Where it is in PeachTree, it's Somewhere else in QBs....frustrating! We'll get there though.
Well, guess I'll let you get back to your day...I'm keeping one eye on QuickBooks and one eye on "Ike"....looks like it's coming this way. Ya'll have a happy and carefree day!!!