Sunday, January 20, 2008

Where to Send Him

Alright, here's the deal...Hubby's birthday is in October. Every year it's the same old thing..."What do you want for your birthday"??? And Every year I get the same old, tired answer..."Nuthin"...."Don't need anything"!!!...I always say, "Didn't ask you what you needed...I asked what you wanted"!!!....Oh well, you know how the conversation goes. Well, I've decided that this year is going to be a bit different. A cooking course.....yes. I've already asked him where he'd like to go for this course.... Now that we've eliminated three quarters of the free world...LOL...He said he'd think about it. I reminded him just how much he enjoys cooking. I happen to think he's a very good cook so why not go have some fun with it?!! What started out, in the conversation, as a trip of two weeks at a villa in Italy...LOL..has ended up with maybe three or four days somewhere in the States...He'll think about it....I told him that both he and his BFF Tom, could go together, seeing as Tom is retired. Anyway, if y'all have any suggestions about Where, pass them along! You might know of something locally we'd never find out about. Well, guess I'll move along for tonight. I'll be home tomorrow taking care of the Granbabies (Martin Luther King Day). So have a good Monday and I'll talk to you then.