Sunday, July 6, 2008

Can Gamma Come Get Us?

Well....the Grandbabies Were at the Other Grandparents house (Crystal's EX's, Dad and his wife). This morning, I get a phone call from Crystal asking if I would meet the EX's Dad and pick the kids up(she's still out of town)...Seemed Sami wasn't feeling she had also said, Thursday when they were told they would be staying there this weekend. They were suppose to stay through Monday morning and then the granparents would take them to day care....Crystal gets Another text message from Sami saying, "Could Gamma pick us up?"......I do Not believe in forcing kids to stay somewhere or do something they don't Want to...I told Crys, "When and where shall we meet?"........They get here...I feed them lunch...all the while, they're acting normal as clams on a beach...I've looked for signs of illness...everywhere...nothing. Smiling, laughing, picking on each other, Sam taking a shower, Will watching Extradordinary League of Gentlemen...Ah well...the kids Forced me to eat a bowl of Big Red ice cream...(dish up some vanilla ice cream, pour Big Red over it)...LOL...Even though I have issues with Forcing someone to do had to be overlooked....just this once. Happy Day ya'll!