Friday, October 30, 2015

Is the Craziness Over Yet?

Angel Fire

Leaving Angel Fire heading to Philmont Scout Ranch...headquarters for Boy Scouts of America

Jane & Henry's where Elk come to feed

Jane and Henry

View off Jane and Henry's balcony
Miz Jane
Elk enjoying the grass
Lobby of the St James Hotel in Cimarron, NM and Yes, it's Haunted!

Famous guest of the hotel
We ventured over to Red River
My babies...Crystal leaving to move on over to Magnolia, Texas...They were going to stay until that Saturday morning but...things progressed pretty fast and they left that Friday evening after work...everyone a little teary eyed and moving very fast!  We got through it...
Granddaughter Samantha...Went with her to a doctor's appointment yesterday because of a lump in her breast scare...Thank God in Heaven it is benign....
The goose that laid several eggs...

THEN...there's the NEW Motor home.  Granted, it's nice to have, to roam the countryside without having to stop somewhere to make sandwiches or...well, you know...breaks.  Lets just do it this way...List.  I love list.

1.  Ford V10 chassis...nice...Air conditioner quit cooling...there's a leak in the line so freon? all leaked out.
2.  We are in New Mexico at 9800's 38 degrees and the furnace stops working.  Thank goodness we brought along a plug in heater which really didn't help all that much.  Can you say popsicles?
3.  Windows wouldn't close all the way on my side...
4.  Water leak in the windshield...
5.  The levelers wouldn't retract...that's right...wouldn't go back up, leaving us stranded in the RV park for a second night.  Thankful for the kindness and help from the KOA park manager!  He didn't know us from Adam...pitched us his personal truck keys and said, there's a Walmart down the might be needing groceries???  Wow...just great people.
Called a repairman to get them retracted and headed on back to Waco...The last photo is of Hubby taking it back to the dealership to begin repairs.  Gads, what a month...
Did we enjoy ANY of it?  Yes...being in the total quietness at Jane and Henry's, looking at the Elk from the veranda...drinking a coffee...not thinking about much...yep, that was nice.