Sunday, May 31, 2009

Need a Fix?


Some honey blends may contain spores that, while harmless to healthy adults and older children, could prove fatal to infants!

Honey is an old folk remedy for upset tummies and dyspepsia; modern scientific studies back this up. Honey has been shown to stop the growth of H.pylori...the bacterium implicated in stomach ulcers!
Here's a few things you can do with it:

Insomnia- A glass of warm milk and tablespoon of honey.
Pack a wound with it...kills staph! Promotes healing, reduces swelling and helps prevent scaring!
Treat a burn with it by running it under cold water then applying a thin film of honey and applying a light gauze dressing over it. Works on sunburn as well!
Honey calms the itch of Chicken Pox...
Apply to Acne...kills the infection of those pesky staph germs.
Use as a facial moisturizer...
Lip gloss! Equal parts honey and petroleum jelly.
Eczema, ringworm, psoriasis and even hair loss...
Asthma...1teaspoon honey mixed with 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon at bedtime. Scientific research proves that honey is an effective treatment for upper respiratory infections. One study found that a Single bedtime dose of buckwheat honey effectively treated sleep problems and nighttime coughing...Given FDA warnings about commercial medications...honey is a safe and effective solution...BUT NEVER UNDER AGE 2!!!
Sore throat remedy...Boil a lemon for 3 minutes, then squeeze the juice into an equal part of honey and drink.
Seasonal Allergies...Start early in the season by chewing honeycomb! Helps get rid of stuffiness and headache.
Hangovers....HAhaaa...True! The high fructose content helps the liver oxidize alcohol and the honey won't irritate your stomach!
Use in the shower or bath! Rub it on as you would kills germs on the skin!
Honey never spoils! It Can loose some of its healing power if mistreated though...Keep honey in a cool dark place!
Raw is BEST! as are the darker buckwheat, tupelo or sage. Can't find those? Just make sure it's dark and raw!
Well I hope this has been helpful...I already use it for some of these things but I'll also be trying it on the rest of them...All Except Hangover...Don't get many of those these days!!HAhaaa...
Happy Sunday to you!!

Some info taken from Good Old Days magazine