Saturday, July 25, 2009

Packs A Punch!

See the guy sitting at the table with the striped purple shirt? He Was Not happy that I took this picture!Hahaa...He'll get Over it!
Can you guess what this is? Looks like a cell phone but it packs quite a punch!
This will lay you out for about 22 minutes...Since the FEDS passed a bill last week that prevents you from carrying a concealed across state lines, I made a little purchase...LOL. $65.00 and worth Every penny. It even has a light on it for those dark places we sometimes find ourselves in. The man who sold it to me said he couldn't keep up with his inventory! Grandpas and Dads were buying them left and right for their wives, daughters and granddaughters...I took his business card if any of you are interested. He'll ship it to you. OR, you may have a store near you that sells them. Worth checking it out ladies! It now lives in my purse...waiting! Poor Hubby! We went to the gun show this morning and he didn't buy a Thing!!! Up and down the aisles we went; him throwing money at ME for a change!Hahahaa...Oh well, time for a great big hot coffee! Y'all have a wonderful weekend!!