Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cranky Blogger & A Root Canal

I swear! Yesterday was Awful! Yes...It's ME saying something was awful! LOL...BLOGGER...did not make me Happy. I don't know if it was the storms that swept through the country or what! Couldn't get to my site...couldn't comment; everytime I tried to leave an answering comment, the comment screen would pop up and tell me I was a Virus, and it would not let me leave a comment...to basically, Go Away! Welllllllll. Nobody calls Me a virus and gets away with it!!lolol. I ran every kind of internet update I could find. I did find two that had not been loaded. Then, I ran all my virus scans, registry scans...etc. After I downloaded them, I could get back into my site, And leave comments. But by that time, we had to leave for a funeral and it was too late to post. Now you're asking, "Why didn't I post last night"??...I was enticed...YES...lured away from my laptop...a movie...Sweet Home Alabama....I've seen it twenty times. Hubby absolutely Demanded I watch with him. Oh well...I'm easy.
This morning I get to have a root canal! I'm So excited! I'm watching the clock...9:00am exactly!....can't wait....It makes me Happy to get root canals...LOL..........geezzzzzzzz
See y'all later...Have a rootcanaless day!!!!