Friday, July 29, 2011

Brenda's Photo Challenge (ABC's)

. I FOUND ONE!!!Hahahaaa.....OMGoodness! This wasn't as easy as I first thought it would be! Hat's off to you Miz Brenda! I KNOW people thought I was ONE Weird Old Gal! I'd be quietly sitting in my chair at lunch time in a restaurant, when I'd spy a possible candidate for the Challenge...Slightly bending my neck...a little farther...a little farther...nah...won't work. As I'm straightening up, I become aware of a few people who were burning holes into my forehead with their sanctimonious stares! Me, being ME, politely explain, "Helps to stretch the Fanackle..." Ever notice lately how people don't smile much anymore? Anyway, another day, another restaurant and I find my prize! An O....Bright and gleaming over our booth at Johnny Carino's. The Scalapini was Excellent, I might add!
Well, this is MY offering and now I'm off to see Yours! Have a great Saturday Guys! I'm out and about this weekend but will catch up with you all on Sunday!
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