Friday, April 5, 2013

An Award...

Hi everyone...It's been a semi-busy week around here.  We received an award for our company and I made Crystal and her hubby, Tim, receive it and get the official photo taken.  I'm sure you probably have a Local's Love Us in your neck of the woods...It's a site that people in your city go on and vote for their favorite...whatever...plumber, electrician, restaurant etc.  It's fun and I'm sure lots of other plumbers won as well but, it's good advertising. We also have a Facebook site.  Haven't had it up long but we've been getting some good response from it.
It has been COLD here all week...30's at night and 40's during the day...not fun!  This weekend it's finally suppose to shoot up to the 80's and I'm SO ready! 
SO...Go forth and have a super weekend!  We are playing around with some "free" TV stuff...Hubby is suppose to hook it up to see if it works.  IF it works like we think it should, we are going to cancel Direct TV...I'm SICK of the rates going up, up, up...Last month it was $102, this month it went up to $108 and we did NOT purchase anything new on our package.  That's a bunch of money every year!
I'll also let you know what we sense talking about it if it doesn't work...Happy Weekend!