Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm How Old?

Got to have coffee at the book store with Ellani this morning...You'll never believe what a complete idiot I've been...For the last 6 or 7 months, for some asinine reason, I have KNOWN I was about to have my 57th birthday on Aug 9th right? .....Ellani and I were discussing how long we've known each other (about 45yrs) and the question of birthdays came up. Her birthday is November 29th, 1950 and mine is in 1951...She says, "I'll be 57 in November",.......I looked at her like she'd sprouted wings or something and politely said she was wrong with all the authority of an idiot. After stopping and analysing the information I suddenly realised what a gift I'd been given...another year. Boy, talk about a good laugh!! She said she'd done that several years back as well. Don't know if there is something Freudian about this experience or not but I'll take that extra year, thank you very much! So, hope your day is or has been filled with a special gift and tomorrow brings a special touch of promise.