Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reality Check...

Watch this video first so you'll know what I'm talking about...Go ahead, it's short!
Ann from Snap Edit & Scrap posted about having her bank account hacked! I'm SO sick of this! It seems that honesty means Nothing these days...Oh, I know Dishonesty has been around since the dawn of man but one can hope can't they? Anyway...I heard of a new way crooks invade your privacy and thought I'd share an idea that may help you, as well. Christmas shopping is right around the corner and thieves are banking on busy crowds that simply get caught up in the Joy of the Season but don't pay much attention to their surroundings! We don't live in "Kansas" anymore people! The world is changing SO fast now! The economy is terrible and some Very dishonest people are looking forward to making an easy buck.
If you've watched the video, you'll see the tin foil that the reporter is holding up. What I did was to simply cut two sheets of the stuff and line my wallet with it...both sides of it so all my cards and checks are firmly encased between the sheets. Even Superman couldn't see through it!
Line the front AND the back...like a sandwich! The foil is the "bread". As in the video, you don't have to wrap your wallet in a big piece of foil...looks pretty stupid and Very inconvenient to get to your checks or cards. Now, you CAN go online and buy the fancy wallets and purses...but Why? This works just as well...And your BEST protection? Be Aware! Carry just ONE card to town (wrapped in foil!Hahaa...if you don't carry your wallet) A waist purse works great to keep valuables close to your body. It also allows you to be "hands free". Am I OVER dramatizing things? Nope...Better safe than sorry.
Now...you have a little more information to make your holiday shopping go a little smoother...Get Out There and make me Proud! Oh yeah, While you're shopping...I'll take a fancy new BMW please....