Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chocolate and Wonka

Wonka have some chocolate?? LOL.. Well, it Is February and you can't have chocolate without Willy Wonka..now can you. The two just seem to go together. As much as I love Johnny Depp, I didn't really "feel it"! Gene Wilder did a much more believeable job of it. So, if you're having chocolate today, and you just need a "feel good" movie, watch it.
Well, we broke records yesterday with temps hitting the 80's in some areas. I am appreciative of the warmer weather. I don't "do" cold very well. That reminds me...how are y'all doing out there on the Omega3 challenge? Any results yet?
Crystal had to go to the Chiropractor this morning for her neck and back. They discussed many things which gleefully...did Not include me or my fall. Yes..I am evading him untill my kneecap is better. If he knew, he'd probably call and start grilling me about my evasion...I'll have to ponder this situation...I'll be in trouble no matter what I say or do...LOL
Well, here's hoping your day is a happy one...we're rather slow today so I have a chance to get this out early. Have lots of fun and just smile...lots.