Wednesday, August 7, 2013



Well, Happy Wednesday everyone....I've been pretty busy as of late hence, no blogging.  In between work and FaceBook, I try to play around with photos.  Since I'm chained to a desk all day might as well!  This photo was horribly blown out!  Wrong time of day and an inexperienced photographer tends to create these types of shots.  Anyway...I found some overlays called Texas Skies at Oh So Posh Photography...Yes, they cost but I can tell I'm going to have fun with them.  
Now I ALREADY know you've found the mistake....maybe not a mistake but it looks like crap!  Josh's face!  He was SO much in the shadows that I tried to lighten him up...Can you say YUCK?!!
After two hours and almost cross-eyed later, I quit.  I SHOULD have kept trying to get more light to the face BEFORE I added the sky butttt....oh well.  This is my first attempt and I plan on lots more practice!  I guess you have to drink lots of coffee before you decide on the one you like...
Anyway, hope you all are finding lots of peace and quiet in your nothing but "nice things"!