Thursday, March 20, 2008

Paula 'Dun Lied 'Ta Me!!!

Oh Yes She Did!! Ms. Paula Deen...lied to me when she said this recipe only took EIGHT minutes to prepare!!! PREP TIME: 8 minutes......COOK TIME: 25 minutes....Prep time 8 minutes, my rear!!! Try, ONE flipping HOUR...I guess she meant, that my STAFF could do all the chopping, sauteing, pot locating, picture taking, condiment grinding, can opening, box opening, Excedrin taking prep work before I even appeared!! Not To Mention...That dadgum elbow macaroni blew up in the pot and Almost ran over onto the stove!! And YES, I used the whole box!! LOL....Geez!!! I can Just FEEL Hubby laughing about now!!! I've got enough Wayne's (who Ever the He** he is), Beef Macaroni and Cheese, to feed Everyone at work plus dinner here at home!!! Oh Well, guess I'll go turn on the oven and let it "turn to a delightful crispy brown"......LOL...'Ya know, that Trash duty that I wrote about in Sunday's post, is looking better and better by the minute!! I'm Not making this again.
PS- It turned out dry. Hubby didn't laugh...he tried to make suggestions to fix it. He Did say it was pretty good though. But after everything it took to make it, it just wasn't worth it. SO...guess I'll go make a cuppa coffee, find a comfy chair and "plant" it. Y'all have a happy day!!