Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Glad it's Tuesday...

It all started last week with Hubby getting a toothache then Buddy our pup had his shots on Wednesday and got sick from Those! I was the chief cook and bottle washer, laundry lady, going to my job, NURSE, medicine giver, etc.
Hubby woke up last Friday morning with a lump on his lower right hand jaw the size of a small lemon. What I Wanted to do was scream, but thankfully, my nurses training kicked in and I just stopped him, felt it then announced that he was going Back to the doctor...I would make the appointment. On Fridays I have to do payroll so...I came into work, ran payroll, called the dentist's office, called Hubby and told him I'd meet him there. I leave work, run to the bank and then over to meet Hubby. I go inside to the window...The nice young lady looks up at me as I begin to ask where they put my husband..."Oh!" she says....."We had to take him back to surgery....!"
Nekked Pause.....
I can feel the heat rise in my face and my heart started pounding!!
"Hahahaaaa.....Just KIDDING!!!" she says......"He's fine...just waiting for the doctor."
By THIS time, you know when you can feel the tears in your eyes because they are burning hot? Well, I knew at that point I could go one of two ways...crawl through the window and grab her by the throat, OR...start walking down the hallway to find Hubby! I chose to do the latter...When the doctor finally came in, I knew HE knew what had happened and he started apologizing for it. I let it go, smiled at him and started asking about Hubby. They had given him something called a Z-Pack last week (garbage antibiotic) so on day two, I called in for Amoxicillin 500mg. It finally started helping him. (I use to make hospital rounds for the doctor I worked for, so long ago).
The swelling has now gone from Hubby's face...Buddy the pup is 100% again...and I just need a dark hole to crawl into!Hahaaaa.....geeeez.
What a week...Hope you all know how Much I appreciate you!
Sending lots of prayer and love...