Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Had To!

I could Not take those red hearts Another Minute!!Hahaa...I am trying to get my blog situated!! But, I figure since I can't move my sofa around, or lay around on a Warm Tropical Island... I may as well change things here! I Finally got my cooking blog background fixed again...And...I changed the Brenda Photo Blog up as well. WHAT?!!...LOL...WuddenME!!

It's suppose to be close to 80degrees here today. My head hurts...I just want the temp to either stay Up or Down...Not all in the same day! It was 31 last night and as I sit here, my feet are Still freezing! Guess I need to go outside and warm up....lolol
Hope you all have a Wonderful and Warm or Cool evening and know I'm thinking of you all!