Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Does It Breed, Or WHAT?

I'm SO Flippin' sick of laundry! It BREEDS! If it's not our personal laundry, it's this...Uniforms. We had to let a plumber go several months ago. He had been injured and was out of work for almost six months. He quit really...and then moved so he's gone...but Not without leaving ME a present...laundry. He's the one that would Constantly say he needed new shirts. I can't EVEN tell you how many are in these TWO duffle bags!! I Truly believed he would wear them and instead of getting his wife to WASH them, he just applied for more...There's also NEW ones in there that have NEVER BEEN WORN!! I'd keep asking him how many he already had and where WERE they (I DO keep an order list) but he'd blow me off! I'll bet there's enough in these bags for three plumbers to be outfitted! Geez.....You'd be surprised to know how many women do NOT know the first thing about washing uniforms or how to get stains out! SO...I'm just sitting here shaking my head and feeling grateful I'm not having to Also, wash their da** underwear.... This is a Double Chocolate Latte OVER French Vanilla ice cream day... Y'all have a ....Clean day!