Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gustav's Clouds and Computer Work

Well, the clouds are rolling in to our part of the state. Don't know if we'll get much needed rain from it or not, but we Hope so! It's been a weekend, hasn't it! SO glad New Orleans came through it as Well as it did...at least the levys held! Lots of people are without power, but the official word is that the state will probably start allowing people back in as soon as Thursday or Friday. That's good news. Now, we're watching Hanna! Watch out Sally and Junie!! It seems to be headed your way! Then, I think Joseph is behind Hanna....Geez!
Baby sat the kiddos this weekend while Crystal and Tim went to another motocross...The kids rested...they were so pooped, we didn't even go to the movies! They Wanted to stay home!hahaha....poor babies! Will slept till 8:30am Sat and Sun mornings and Sami slept till 12:00pm on Sat and 8:30 on Sun. I Tried to get her up Saturday to go to the movie, The Mummy, at 11:00am, but with No success....so I just let her sleep. Between school activities, homework and running with Mom and Tim, they were both tired.
Hubby and I came in to the shop yesterday to load Peachtree back onto our new XP OP system. Nice!! We Still have to use Peachtree until QuickBooks comes in. So Sorry I didn't post like I Said I would...bunches going on!! I haven't got to visit you lately, but hopefully, we'll all get back on track soon. Ya'll have a Safe night or day and I'll talk to you tomorrow!