Monday, June 10, 2019

Blooming, Baking, and Dentist...

Morning guys...It's been another slow (thankfully) few weeks.  Larry and I are doing LoCarb and I found this recipe for muffins in the George Stella book.  They are delicious!!  If you're looking for a different taste and texture (if you're doing locarb...and even if you're not)  then try this recipe.   I used the big tray paper cups for our breakfast muffins and the smaller tray for our snack muffins.  You can also experiment and add whatever you like.  I added dried cherries and pecans.
We also had a cheat fritter and glazed roll.  We really look forward to cheat dessert day!
Then...onward to the dentist for our annual cleanings, stuff.  I really need to get our doctor visits all together in the same month!  That way, we can knock them all out at the same time!
Well, I know you're leading a much more exciting life than we are...I just know it...Hahaa.  I did get a pot planted...Guess that's a no brainer for Springtime though...Y'all enjoy your week!