Sunday, January 6, 2008

Muffins and Bread,Oh My...

Well Hubby has been a busy beaver this morning...Chocolate Chip (lo-carb) Muffins!! Oh My Goodness...Well, a girl has got to have Something to snack on in between those wonderful meals, besides cheese sticks! I'll let 'cha know how they go with a hot cuppa coffee! lol
ALSO...doesn't that loaf of Asiago Cheese bread look delicious??? Yes?...Well it did look wonderful when I first bought it. Think back several months, Thanksgiving, holiday cheer etc....I brought it and a few others home, put them down on the counter and went about the daily task of getting on with life. We ate another loaf that I'd purchased at the same time so I put the Asiago loaf in the freezer. Thanksgiving came along and I took it out of said freezer and put it out on the counter to thaw...A week later, some how, it went missing and I ended up finding it under a jacket on the computer desk counter, in the kitchen. It must have been there for at least a week! Well, I picked it up, looked it over and wondered why there wasn't any mold on it! There should have been some, somewhere! Fresh bread? No mold? No way! So, from that point on, this loaf has been under scrutiny....lots of it! I've put it under the kitchen sink, under the kitchen cabinet, in the upper kitchen cabinet....nothing! It's got to be at least two and a half months out of the freezer....just sitting there staring at me!!!! I feel like Herr Frankenstein..."It's Alive..It's Alive".....Geez people, can you believe what we EAT??? What kind of magic preservative is in this baby??? Rest assured, I'll be watching it for Any signs of Anything....Maybe I can send it on world tour.....Have a safe, happy and smiling kind of day!