Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve...

Family table talk...I had made a big pot of chicken and dumplings, fudge and apple pie

Crystal getting caught licking the spoon from the apple pie

Sam, Crystal and William...Hard to believe Crystal is their mom!

Sam and Crystal...Sam's 20

Crystal and William...he's 16

Crys and hubby Tim and little Bo

Waiting on Santa

Home made fudge

Home made brownies
It was a sweet and peaceful Christmas Eve...lunch with Larry's mom and dad...his brother, Kenny...wife, Debbie and their son, Kurtis.  Crystal was my little Elf in the kitchen, washing up and sneaking leftovers of her favorite dessert, apple pie! sweetie...
Hope you all had a sweet and peaceful Christmas Eve as well...'Gotta get in the kitchen and get busy.....Bring on the Main Event!
Happy Birthday Jesus!