Saturday, May 23, 2015

Planting Time...

Pink Double Knock Out Rose 

Mandavilla before planting

Larry and Libby planting


Well, I'm back again...I Heard That!.... It's flowers this time so stop fretting!  No sad news today, I promise.  
Hubby and I got up early and headed to Lowes for paint chips and to look at tile for my bathroom.  It's getting a makeover for old people...yes, I said old people.  I'll be 64 this Summer and me and the tub are starting to fuss!  I can hike my leg up as well as any 40 year old to get into the tub but 23 inches and clearing stone is a little tricky.  That's a  Jacuzzi and I love it but what happens when I'm 70 or 80?  IF I make it that far.  Gotta' plan for being...old...older.  You're probably think "boy, what a wuss", but I'm tired of forgetting to hike and ending up with a skinned knee.  SO, hence, the remodel.  I'm even going in for a GRAB BAR!!Hahaaaa....don't worry though, I found a really pretty one.  Not the silver aluminum old people kind.  Also getting a hand held shower that slides on a rod...coolbeans!  Larry doesn't think the floor tile can be saved but we'll see.
It's been raining almost constantly...I love it.  I think I'd do great in Washington State....
Hope you're having a nice Saturday...Coming to check on you!