Saturday, February 16, 2019

Baking, Road Trip and Onion Soup...

I made Carrot Cake Cookies for Larry's Valentine...<3 font="">

We had to make a run into town for ice cream... ;o)

Balloons abound...

My favorite pug mug from a BFF...

Valentine cookies baking...

Larry made me MY Valentine Onion Soup!!! Really good!!

as you can tell... :o)

And just so you know...It's a Water Heater...NOT a HOT water heater...Hahaa...drives me nuts!

Well, it's been a slow but fun month.  My granddaughter took me and her soon to be mother in law to look for her wedding dress in The Woodlands, by Houston, TX.  A place called, Brickhouse Bridals.  They stock over 700 wedding dresses...and no...she didn't try them all on...Lolol.
They give the potential bride six colored clothes' clips.  She then clips them onto any six dresses she wishes to try on.  I saw a dress that I absolutely loved but not for her wedding...I just loved it and asked if she could try it on, just for me...Gamma...they AND Sami said sure!

Needless to say, it was a fun time.  We spent the night at my daughter's house then headed back the next day so Sam could work.  She's a beautician and had clients scheduled.
I can't believe you have to have your appointment for the dress, almost a year in advance!!  Three months before they even call you for your fitting...then almost six months before it's ready for the final fitting!  Geeez...Oh's paid for (CHOKE, COUGH COUGH) and she's thrilled with her choice...WISH I could show you a photo of it BUTTT...bad luck and all that...SO, you'll just have to wait till Dec 7th...2019!
SO...guess I'll be heading off in your directions...Take care and stay warm or cool, where ever you are.  It was 80 degrees here yesterday and today, it's only getting into the high 50's...uggg!