Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Lordy! Every time we change computer OS's I know it's going to be a challenge! Not so much learning something new but making SURE QuickBooks works for all of us! This is Ross the Computer Boss...We call him for the "heavy" stuff. I have no fingernails left...It was a ten and a half hour workday for me and by the end of it I was Never so ready to go HOME!Hahaa....Got back on it this morning to clean up and tweak things. I think we're set. I know I haven't been around to visit much but it HAD to be done.
Still no rain here...and still triple digits. 106 today and by Friday, 110 again. That's NOT the heat index either....geeeez. Earthquakes! Hope you all are alright! We got none of that here. I see Irene is gaining force! If you are in her path...Get Out of The Way! BE Safe people...Don't go looking for your surf boards!
Well, guess I'll get this posted and come a'visitin! Y'all behave.