Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fun phone call!

I had a fun phone call from my cousin Roni from Connecticut tonight. Really love to hear from her and Mike (hubby). We hardly ever get to see each other (every 10 yrs or so) so that's what makes the phone calls such a treasure. My Aunt Josephine is still living (89 Roni said) and in her own home to boot! She has daughters and family to come in and help out, but still has her home. I think that's great. The last time we went up for a visit they took us to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos. Fun...If you're ever that way, stop in. Treat of a lifetime. Not the gambling, as much as the beauty of the places. Lots of money spent. Thanks for the call Roni.

We love yall..(Wire to!)

Work was busy. Had some gliches I had to work out in a computer program but got that fixed. Crystal was back to work so that made it easier to get back to doing what I do. My daughter works for us to. Nice...

Well guess I'll close for tonight. Roni...Give Betty, Rod & Aunt Josephine big hugs from us.

Yall have a great Wednesday......