Thursday, July 26, 2007

Well they're off!

The kids got off to Oklahoma at around three this afternoon. Tasha had to work and so did Crys. All the kids were excited. Now it's the waiting game for the "you-better-call-me-when-you-get-there" phone call. Hope they have a good time.

It clouded up again this afternoon. Thought it was really going to let 'er rip but nothing. Oh well, some say we've had too much rain lately.
What did we do at work today? Installing more ways to catch the thieves that have been plaguing us lately. We have a plumbing company and copper seems to be the choice item on the menu. We have cameras...everywhere. Even caught one guy trying to pry open the back door on camera. Police found and arrested him. SO, more wiring by our faithful Ken and Tony. Seems we are constantly having to invent new ways to catch them. Any ideas? Can't get dogs, they'd just poison them, can't have electric fences, they'd sue us, can't have a gorilla, cost too much to feed...oh well. Guess I'll get busy washing clothes. You have a great Friday...

1 comment:

RobC said...

I though metal thieves were endemic to Africa! Quess you get them all over now.