Friday, July 27, 2007

It's Beautiful!

I got my phone call about 9:00pm last night from Crystal saying they had made it just fine. This afternoon I get another phone call from her, on her cell phone, at the top of some mountain, in which she exclaims, loudly, "It's Beautiful". Couldn't exactly understand a whole lot after that except to say they were having fun.
We got rained on again this morning. I'm glad because the flowers were starting to wilt a little. Nice not to have to water. Larry,my husband, decided to call and check on some good friends of ours. Henry and Jane and their son Ryan. They had gone to spend time in Michigan, which they did and are now on their way to Angel Fire, New Mexico. Henry will be stopping by for lunch tomorrow so I hope I can think of something good to cook. I found this neat blog called "Pioneer Woman Cooks". She not only gives you recipes but takes it step by step with pictures. Can't really go wrong. I haven't worked out this link thing on the blog yet but google Pioneer Woman Cooks and it brings it up.

Well guess I'll get in the kitchen and and start my planning and plotting for tomorrows lunch. Yall have a safe evening!

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