Monday, July 23, 2007

Working out the bugs

Good Morning, Still trying to work out the bugs on the uploading of pictures and where to place them in the post. I was going to the wrong place on the template and uploading pics the hard way. It is really a learning experience. If you see things in one place one day, then in another the next, you'll know I'm practicing. This pic is from a backyard flowerbed. Hope I can get it right this time. Had to bring in my laptop to get worked on. After a download of "something", it went on the fritz, so I'm posting on my computer at work. I have Windows Vista Home Premium on a new laptop. No back-up disk.....If any of you buy a new computer...take it out of the box, turn it on, enter all password info,etc., then when you feel it's all ready to go, make a back-up and restore disk.....If I had, I wouldn't be in this pickle. I also thought if I upgraded to Vista Ultimate it might restore some links...decided against doing that because it seems that the problem would just copy over into the new program. Ultimate alse has the capability of creating a backup and restore. I thought Premium did untill I started researching my problem. Live and learn. Well have a great day and I'll keep you posted.

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