Monday, July 30, 2007

They're Glad to be Home!

All good things usually do come to an end. The kids are now all home from Oklahoma. Seems they had a blast. I'm glad. They got to see a holy mountain, paddle boats(which Tasha and Sami tried) hard to do...went to the 'cha didn't know there was a "beach" in Oklahoma! It's man made. Also while on top of the holy mountain they saw a GI swearing in ceremony. Crys said it was beautifully done. Apparently the young man was re-enlisting.

Well there's really not much to write about tonight. Work was very busy, phones ringing pretty well all day. Some days not too much then it really starts out with a bang. Of course school is gearing up for it's August beginning... I think my hair-pulling phone call today was when a woman calls up to get a plumber out to unstop her toilet. I politely tell her we always call before we come to let her know we're on the way...She says that's fine but she won't be home most of the day. I say "that's fine, what about tomorrow?", "No, it has to be today!".......Needless to say the call got done but people just don't really think things through when they call. Yall have a great evening.....

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