Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Girls going on vacation

My daughter and her best friend are going on vacation. It's off to Oklahoma to visit with friends and relax. Crystal is my daughter (in the dark shirt). She has two children, Samantha & William. Tasha has one son named Dawson. They have known each other forever. It's raining right now when not an hour ago it was hot and sunny. (91 degrees today) Not sure how long it will last but we've been getting a shower at least once a week here now. Talk about weird weather..

Well, I have read some of Harry Potter and really am looking forward to finishing it. As soon as we heard on the news about there being missing pages in some of the shipments, I was quick to check my book. It was fine. Happened to some of the ones that were shipped up north. Watch out Roni and Mike!!

Well guess I'll close for tonight. The grandkids are being awfully quiet. Come to think of it, so are the big girls! Night yall and have a happy Thursday.....

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