Thursday, October 7, 2010

It Never Fails....What's Next and Where's the Tin Foil?

I have been vindicated! Aliens Do Exist because Finally, the Mainstream Media Says it's SO!!Hahahaaaa.....well, they have! It's been Constantly in the news...China's airports keep getting shut down by them...I think I was abducted as well! This has been a WEEK!!!
I'll bet you're wondering where the heck I've been...or not. Well...I've been crashing computers at work and causing refrigerators here at home to heave the last sigh. I like Quickbooks, I Really do, BUT, updating to the newest version is a CONSTANT headache! Last year, Somehow I managed to update to the 2010 version with the help of our office mgr., Ken. But THIS year...the 2011 update was a nightmare! The Server crashed! Oh yeah...Long story short...The Computer Guy is Very thankful for people like me! $$$

THEN!!!! Our refrigerator corked out sometime in the night. Water all over the floor. Hubby and I were flinging stuff out to our drink refrigerator in the playroom (ALWAYS have a back-up plan)! So while the Computer Guy was heaving and sighing (with a slight smile on his face), Hubby and I went shopping. Samsung was singing my song at $1817....omg...and That was after I reminded the clerk that there was a 20% discount on today! ALL refrigerators were WAY overpriced!! So, after Hubby picked me up off the floor, we decided on a delivery date of next Tuesday. Oh yes, I stopped and bought a bag of ice...Do Not scream at me about not buying American! I TRIED!! Right now, and I Hate to say it But, they're Crap! GE, Frigadaire, Whirlpool...all junky...most of the inards are made in China Anyway! You can't win.
So, this looks like the one we bought. I Really like it. Hubby wanted the bottom freezer and I wanted the french doors. I am now finally home trying to reflect on just Where I went wrong at the beginning of this week.....haven't a friggin' clue! SO, if you will excuse me, I need to get in the kitchen and find the tin foil....I feel I may need a new hat....Have a Wonderful night or day...