Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cowboys and John

Well ain't it sweet. Those Cowboys seem to be getting something together. Awful close though, 25-24. I like the Cowboys, being in Texas I'd better, but my heart belongs to the Miami Dolphins. I know, I know, it's been awhile since they've done anything worthwhile, but I've stuck with them for the last 35yrs so why defect now?

Also heard it's John Lennon's birthday today. I remember getting those Beatle dolls along with my girlfriends when I was 10yrs old. What a hoot. Wish I'd hung on to them. Probably worth a small fortune by now.
Corky, our 15yr old Yorkie, has this thing he does now. Being partially blind and deaf, and totally spoilt by the kids (carried, tickled, smooches, generally ruined), he now wants you to light his way with a flashlight after the lights go out. Not once, so he can find his way to his bed (after we've put him in his bed repeatedly), but at least every hour and a half or so. Starts out with grunting in the hallway. No response? Lets try louder grunts in stereo. No one coming? How 'bout Dolby? Ahhhh, that works...You put him in the bed. Out he goes...over and over. You see, he sleeps most of the day while we're at work. So guess what he wants to do at night? There's NO way we'll ever put this dog down. We love him. Blind? Deaf? So, lots of people I know fit into that category but I won't put them down either. Turn on the radio? TV? At 1:00am I was considering my options....I'm a bad girl....I repented....Any suggestions??

Well, guess I'll get busy...doing something...Let me just finish getting this oatmeal out of my eyebrows. Y'all have a swell evening and a super tomorrow!