Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sometimes, It Just Doesn't Pay to Get Up...

I think this is how my week has been going...leaking expenses!Hahaa...I mean it! Every time I turned around it was Something Else. House Insurance (which is expected) New A/C (which was Not). Then yesterday, I get up to a "I feel great, lets conquer the dust bunnies" kind of morning...Out comes the old trusty vacuum cleaner(At least 15yrs old)....won't pick up a blasted Thing! I worked on it for a LONG, frustrating, while but to no avail...I'd had enough...Lets Go To Town Hubby!! We did...and came home with a Dyson. I was hemming and hawing in the store...Should I or Shouldn't I. Hubby finally took the decision and ran with it...the Dyson.
Got it home, I unpacked and snapped it together and was off chasing those pesky dust bunnies in less than 20 minutes after unpacking. I Have to say, it's the BEST Vac I've Ever owned!
The Second thing that REALLY gets my "goat" is receiving graduation invitations from people I have NOT seen in 20 friggin years!!Hahahaa....Just Where have those Parents left their minds?? When I'm standing, envelope in hand...staring at the name...thinking, "WHO?"....It was probably a bad decision to SEND IT!! Of course, those parents think, I suppose, that since I knew THEM, I must also certainly know all their offspring (that said Parents never bothered to see to it that I got to know...)...Are you feeling the love now???Hahahaaa.....
The above invitation is just an advertisement photo but I have already received one too many. I am NOT, what's commonly called here in the South...The Cash Cow. I did my duty by the Graduates I Do know...Like my new Grandson, Tylar! Proud of you Baby Doll....Well Done! That's It! Don't get me wrong now...I'm glad kids manage to graduate these days with all the educational red tape they have to fight! But I only believe in rewarding those graduates That I Personally Know!LOL....geez...enough said.
Well, I know I feel better after this long vent...LOLOL...Hope you all have a Happy day or night where Ever you may be!