Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fredericksburg at Last

Well, we're here. Got here yesterday around 1:00pm and got set up at the campground. Windy! I think it's in the high 60's. Low tonight will be...38....geez. Can't get away from the cold. I bought a weeks worth of the Internet, so I'm plugged in and running. $3.00 a day. Not bad. We did go into town today and got the trip odds and ends. Another trip to the HEB grocery for something to read as well. I tried to read a bit last night before cutting off the light, but alas...I had grabbed the wrong book! I'm not really into the love and lust offense! (Had to have been Cry's) LOL... I just like the English cozy or a good "who-done-it". So the light was promptly turned out. We've layed about this afternoon and just rested. Played around with my camera and took just "off the top of my head" shots. Nothing impressive. Guess I'll go get my shower and "rest" some more. We leave again tomorrow to head San Antonio way, to see some long time friends so y'all behave until I talk at 'cha later! (PS) This internet connection refuses to cooperate with me! It'll let me publish small pixel pics, but Not the larger pixel pics from my camera...arggggg....Oh, well, I didn't have anything "earth-shattering" to publish Anyway...I'll try again from our friends house tomorrow. Night All!!