Sunday, March 29, 2009


The morning started out with a delicious breakfast....
I can't believe I captured this bird in "take-off" mode!!Hahaaa...
See Mr. Possum going around the back of the garden??
See...See????? I'm So excited at this point!!LOL...
Cheeky little cuss!! Not a care in the world!!
He just simply starts climbing the back fence, nice and slow!
Up he goes!
Can you see him staring at me?

OhYes!! (happy dance) As I had told ya'll in a previous post, something had been getting into the garden and "rooting" around! WELL!! Guess who came slinking into the yard this morning??? YES! Mr. POSSUM!! I thought they were nocturnal?!!! It was 8:45am! Sun shinning and here he comes out of the back bushes without a care in the world!Hahaa...WELL! I says to myself...and then I remembered the Sage advice a very good friend once gave me..."Never go Anywhere without your Camera!"....LOLOL....Right!! Miz Brenda, you'd be SO ashamed of me this morning! There I was, having a coffee on the patio...observing the world, in general, grateful for life and sunshine, when I see Mr. Possum meandering towards the garden! Adrenaline starts kicking in...and "go Nowhere without your Camera" pops into my head, I swear!!Hahaaa...SO! quickly but quietly I edge towards the door, gently pull it open and haul ass (sorry, but I DID), hollering to everyone to "Be Quiet and DON'T go Outside!!" So Naturally, everyone bales out the back door to get a look!Hahahaa...Grabbing my trusty Canon...Out I go...on the prey is taking it slow and I have Just enough time to gather my evidence! Bingo! I got him! And would you believe it? I Really think I could have picked him up and he wouldn't have been frightened! I didn't though...Rabies Always lurks in the back of one's mind. Now here I sit posting my Sunday morning adventure...Trying to figure out just How in the world I can attach that damn camera to my All times...Hahaaa...WHAT??!!!
Happy day to you all!!