Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Off On the Right Foot

Well, so it's now 2008...doesn't feel any different...We didn't do anything out of the ordinary. As you know, if you've been reading me for a while, I'm a Christmas person. Love everything about it. New Years? To me, it's another gift from Father Time...another chance to "get it right". Do I want this year to be happier than last year? You Bet. I'm always ready for "happy". I'm praying for all of you to find everything you've lost, in this new year. We've all lost something. Love, happiness, joy, cell phones...LOL....There's always something. So, open your hearts, your eyes ,your senses and your minds and look, see, and feel what you've lost. My bet is that we'll all find what we're looking for. Some, sooner than others. And if I'm dragging up the rear? I know y'all will be looking back, urging me on. Damn Skippy....A new year, wonderful friends, and another chance to get it right. What a life! Have fun today and I'll talk to you tomorrow.