Sunday, June 8, 2008

Peaceful Sunday...

These "puppies" Really got a workout!

This is an After picture of the desk area. We gave Crys the old desk and Hubby and I went to town and found this little oak one. So Now I've been able to move my work area Out of the bedroom and Into the converted playroom/living area where the kids lived. This room needs SO much change! But we'll get that going as well.

A Blue Horse for Miz Junie! She took pictures of blue horses last week and challenged me to do the same! LOL...It was a Quick stop, but I managed it!! Hope you like it Junie!

Sunday morning breakfast...Egg, bell pepper,cheese and onion scrambled eggs with toast and coffee. So good! Not a lot, but it stays with you!

Well, I've layed around long enough. I feel refreshed and rested. There's still lots to shift and change around, but I Don't think I'll do any more heavy stuff tonight. Tomorrow's another day...Ya'll have a Wonderful night!