Thursday, November 29, 2007


Yes Heidi !!! Remember Grandfather running all through the village trying to find her?? Her singing Silent Night? REAL tear jerker ladies! The guys probably won't be too interested but for us gals and the children...whoohoo! Ever noticed how it makes you feel SO good to have one of "those" really big BooHoo's!!! LOL All you can say afterword is, Damn, that was good!.....What??!!

Another golden nuggett of information about Disposers.....not disposals......What??.. That was the word...they are called disposers...and while I'm talking about things in the kitchen...(don't tell Hubby I told you but....) have you EVER squeezed dish soap into the soap holder of your dishwasher and when you turned the machine on, suds and bubbles came squirting out??? Come on ladies.....I won't know who you are....(You've run out of those squares or packets or powder) Well, if that EVER happens again, go out to your washing machine cabinet, grab the Downey(or any brand) softener liquid OR sheets, and pour a full capful of it into your dishwasher. Close the door and wash away the suds!!! (If you use the sheets, stuff them into the silverware holder). The same holds true for the washing machine. Used too much detergent? Add softener... right to the water, just throw some in. Works every time.

Well, that's about it for today. Y'all have a great night and a better tomorrow!